Monday, June 30, 2008

Music is my life...

Inspirations 1 & 2, Lydia and Sam

I can always tell what kind of a day I'll have by the first song I hear on the radio-online or otherwise. Thanks to and the 80s station I listen to, todays song was "Break my Stride", by Matthew Wilder. A moderate hit in 1983-84, it's an upbeat tune about never giving up. Somehow, on this rainy, muggy Monday in NC I
just can't get behind that idea. Today is one of those days where everyone would've been better off if I stayed home. Alone. Under the covers. Sigh. Let's search for some inspiration, kids. Here's what I could find....

I find inspiration in the following things: my niece, Lydia, and my nephew, Sam; they give me hope for the future. A good book you cannot put down; I've been lucky enough to have hit a string of those lately. A really good song; these days it's "Say" by John Mayer. My mothers cooking; last night she made shrimp riggies- some of you might now know what they are, but trust me, it's like a little bit of heaven in your mouth. Vacations from my mind-numbing job; I have one coming up in 32 days. The beach...ahh the smell, the calming peace I get from sitting on the sand and daydreaming as I look out at the waves. The barn where my friend Susan keeps her horses; this is a new joy. I can't believe that I've lived 31 years without this life-altering experience. Words can't describe it, all I can say is if there is a God, being at that barn is the closest I've come to HIM/HER.

Sometimes it's important to revisit these inspirations on a day like today. What can I say? "Life is chaos; every gorilla for himself".

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Working on a Sunday? Only in the South...

Here's the mighty warrior Phin...sleeping in my pillowcase after a long battle.

Here I sit....why is it that I always wish I was somewhere else? It's a terrible way to live. I'll go out with friends for dinner and drinks and wish I was home. I'll come to work and wish I was home. I'll mooch dinner off my mom and wish I was home. See a pattern?

This is my first blog ever. I'm hoping that it's something I can keep up with. Like everything else in my life I'm scared it'll be my new addiction for a little while, then I'll drop it. I'm a bit of a quitter, I'm ashamed to admit. I come by it honestly, though. Always blame the parents, they expect it. Anyway, I'm happy to say that I was inspired to start this blog by a good friend. She's fearless and I admire that; she even got me to swim in the ocean a few weeks ago. One by one she's helping me face my fears. It's not always easy, and there's times I want to pimp slap her (she knows I kid cause I love), but she encourages me cause she knows that facing my fears is in my best interest. She rocks.

I have a tendency to yammer on and on...get used to it. That reminds me, I need to take my meds.
Here's to better living through medication...and maybe through blogging. We'll see.